William Edwards of 'Montebello'.

William Edwards arrived in Australia prior to 1854.  His brother Robert and family arrived in Melbourne in 1854 on the "Conway" and on the original shipping it is recorded that the address the family were coming to was Ivy Cottage in Prahran.   William Edwards lived at Ivy Cottage which means William must have arrived here pre 1854.

William Edwards leased the property Montebello which belonged to a long time friend and Melbourne solicitor William Valentine Glover and his wife Margaret Anslie who married in 1855.  Margaret had previously purchased the land in partnership with John Crowe in 1851 but later in 1855 they went their own separate ways and the blocks were split up and Margaret married William Glover, they never actually lived at Montebello but leased it out straight away to William Edwards after their marriage in 1855.

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