Uniting Church at Mickleham

'Together we go forward with a trust in the Lord'

Ruth E. Cocking 1922

Mickleham was part of the original first circuit of the Methodist Church in Victoria and the Uniting Church building in Mickleham Road was the second chapel to be built by the community at Mickleham. in 1876.  The first was located in Mt. Ridley Road and the site is still identifiable by the grave yard which once stood in the church grounds. It was too expensive to rebuild the old church in bluestone, so a weatherboard church on the original site in Mickleham Rd was erected in it's place in 1876 at a cost of 134 and opened on the 12th of November that year. 

It is said by locals the stone foundations for the new church were brought from the old church in Mt. Ridley Road.  A timber merchant and builder from Brunswick Mr. C. Crooks built the church and the building was brought up by bullock dray from Brunswick to Mickleham.

A local resident Mrs. Ruth E Cocking remembers she came to reside in Mickleham in 1946 and the church was a living institution.

The church has been the scene for annual events such as bazaars with 'bring and buy gifts', Harvest Festivals in which a lot of effort was put into the display of the produce for the festivals and after an auctions of the donated goods took place which brought in considerable amounts of money.  Picnics were held annually and outings of various kinds that both the parents and children enjoyed alike.

Mickleham Church also had a Sunday School this was a most important part of the church as it trained the younger generation coming along.

There has been numerous ministers and lay preachers over the years.  Of course there has been many the joyous occasions when marriages where performed at the church and baptisms of young babies and adults took place bringing relatives and friends from afar, then more somber side of the church when funerals have been held and the church has been filled with mourners.

All through the years, members of the church have organized at least one function per year, such as , puppet plays, slide shows, musical evenings and at that special time of the year Carols By Candlelight were held and what they lacked in members they made up with in variety.

Over the years the church has seen fresh coats of paint inside and outside.  The grass is mowed regularly by another local and member of the congregation and the Mickleham Uniting Church is facing the 90's with 'renewed paint and hope'.

Today in 2008 sadly the church still stands but is now closed and today members go to the Uniting Church in Craigieburn.

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