'The Wall'

What is now the unassuming home of a factory in Potter Street was once at the centre of a famous land scandal.  In the late 1920's company promoter and land salesman Francis Fogarty announced that he planned to build a foundry for manufacturing harvesters on this site, The Australian Farmers' Centre Draft Harvester Works Ltd.  Mr. Fogarty invited people from all over Victoria to invest in his scheme, promising substantial rebates on harvesters and guaranteed dividends. This was the first one of many failed ventures Francis Desmond Fogarty was to undertake.

To prove his commitment to the venture Mr. Fogarty arranged to begin building the foundry.  Upon the completion of the building's brick facade, however, the money for the venture mysteriously disappeared.  The company never manufactured a single machine during it's existence and none of the investors ever received a penny for their investment.  The courts subsequently closed the business, leaving behind around 386 very unhappy investors and an incomplete brick wall, part of which is pictured above.

For years the front wall of the foundry stood untouched along the Melbourne to Sydney Rd and became such a prominent feature of Craigieburn that is was unofficially named 'The Wall'.  The remainder of the building was not completed until the mid 1970's and is now incorporated into a modern factory pictured below on the left hand end of the picture.

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