A List of Mickleham Families who's children attended local Schools in 1867

(Extracted from a sketch drawn by Robert Langford Sidebottom to the Board of Education in 1867).

Attending Mickleham School No. 423 situated then at the old site in Mt. Ridley Rd, were the children of the following families who resided in Mickleham in 1867.......

Cameron, Hoskins, Collie, Bourke, Batty & Hadfield, Colbon, Hewitt, Young, Thom. Wright, Pollard, Grilly, Heagney, Cheshint, Boyd, Parnell, Bland, Langford & Blennerhassett, Barker and Dalziel, Butler, Alexander, Alexander Hatty, John Hatty, Procter, David Edis, Inkster & Hennie, Unwin.

Attending Euroke School situated in Mickleham Rd not far from the corner of Craigieburn and Mickleham Roads in 1867...

Stephenson, Cole, John Edis, McHenry, White, Pither.

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