Children attending the Euroke Free Church School in 1863

Extracted from a list of Reports by School Inspectors in 1863.

The exam on the 19th of November took place in 1863 so the writer is taking that the child must have had a birthday between 17th of June and 19th of November to be a year older by that date later in the year.

Name Age Parents Occupation Date of Exam
Sarah Wright 8 Farmer 17-Jun
Sarah White 8 Farmer 17-Jun
James Wright 11 Farmer 17-Jun
Rose Duncan 8 Not given 19-Nov
C Edis 8 Not given 19-Nov
Hester Edis 8 Labourer 17-Jun
MA Edis 8 Not given 19-Nov
Martha Edis 12 Not given 19-Nov
M H Edwards 8 Not given 19-Nov
James Galsworthy 10 Farmer 17-Jun
Margaret Knox 9 Teacher 17-Jun
William Knox 13 Teacher 17-Jun
Janet McConchie 8 Farmer 17-Jun
Margaret McConchie 11 Farmer 17-Jun
Alexander McIntosh 8 Not given 19-Nov
Margaret Meikie 7 Not given 19-Nov
Annie Michie 8 Farmer 17-Jun
Annie Michie 9 Not given 19-Nov
David Munro 12 Blacksmith 17-Jun
John Munro 14 Blacksmith 17-Jun
John Munro 15 Not given 19-Nov
Sarah T Pethers (Pithers) 7 Not given 19-Nov
Sarah T Pethers (Pithers) 8 Farmer 17-Jun
Charles Roberts 18 Not given 19-Nov
William Shankland 8 Farmer 17-Jun
William Shankland 9 Not given 19-Nov