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The reformation of a history group in Craigieburn came about in 1998 when a large developer moved into the area.  Their community development officer contacted a local university student, Rebekah Jardine, who was studying Victorian colonial history about researching Craigieburn's history.

In asscociation with the State Library, Rebekah Jardine completed research into Craigieburn's history and the backbone behind the current history group being established.

Rebeckah Jardine in association with the State Library, Delfin and our history group undertook The Craigieburn Heritage Project with saw the presentation of two brochures:

Presenting A Short History of Craigieburn

Heritage Walk

A copy of these brochures is available by contacting us.

Our projects include:


Recording vocal histories of local residents


Keeping photograph and video recordings of the changing face of Craigieburn.


Presenting talks to school children, elderly groups and other interested residents when requested.


Where possible following up requests for historical information.


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