26 June 1858 - 5 February 1883

Contibuted by HD & S Londsdale of Craigieburn.

'The Cemetery Amongst the Red Gum Trees'

In Loving Memory

Martha Williams

Who died 26th June 1858

aged 16

Also John Williams

Father of above

Died 5th January 1860

Aged 61 years.

To the memory

The beloved children of

J & E Williams

John Thomas died 21st 1861 aged 1 month

Mildred Adeline died June 4th 1876 aged 10 years

Charles James died June 7th 1876 aged 14Ĺ years

Frances Lucy  died June 7th 1876 aged 6 years

Emily died August 11th 1876 aged 21 years

Also Eliza wife of above died November 26th 1878 aged 44 years.


We shall meet again

Behold be taketh away away

Who can hinder him who

Will say unto him, what

Doest thou.


To the memory of

Mary Anne

The beloved wife of Matthew Chambers

Died November 8th 1879


(Wesleyan Hymn 46 - L.M. Isaiah xl 6-8)

Nipt by the wind's unkindly blast,
Parched by the sun's directer ray,
The momentary glories waste,
The short-lived beauties die away.


Catherine I.  Thompson

Died 5th February 1883

Aged 27 years

To the memory of

Robert Langford Sidebottom

Who departed this life

on 11th January 1877 aged 66 years


(The Dying Fatherís Prayer.)

(Hymn 915 in the Wesleyan Hymn Book)


Father of the fatherless

Husband of the widow prove

Me and mine persist to bless

Tell me we shall meet above

Seal the promise on my heart

Bid me now in peace depart


Also his wife

Martha Langford Sidebottom

Died 26th October 1878 aged 74 years

Her end was peace.

Two graves under the tree, lying on the ground

Sacred to the memory of

May Georgina Foxton

Sacred to the memory of

Priscilla daughter of George and Maria Parnell

Who departed this life October 30th 1863 aged 14 years and 6 months

Her end was peace

Also father of the above

George Parnell

Died 29th October 1876 aged 57 years

Also of Thirza the wife of above George Parnell

Died 27th November 1878 aged 52 years and 6 months.