The Lehmann Family

Many thanks to Jeff and Sandy Lehman for the many hours of research and the use of the Lehman family information and photographs on this page.

The Lehmann story really began many years ago when Reinhold Lehmann (pictured left) arrived in South Australia aboard the Peter Godfrey in 1859.  He was 33 when married and had been in Australia for 3 months. His wife was Augusta Pauline Rogasch and in the following years they were to have 15 children.  Johann Gottlieb, Carl Reinhold, Johan Charles, Augusta Mary, Johann Frederick, Ernestine, Richard, Johanah, Wilhelmina, Christian Heinrich, Frederick Julius, Pauline Elizabeth, Carl Alfred, Ellen Nora and Emily Jane.  Sometime after 1871 Reinhold changed his name to John Ronald Lehman. 


Pictured above: John Ronald Lehman (Reinhold Lehmann) with walking stick in front of the haystacks at Woodstock, Victoria.

The Lehmann family came from South Australia to Victoria before 1867 as their daughter Whilemina was born in Wollert, Victoria in 1867.  Reinhold lived most of his life in the Epping/Donnybrook area.

Reinhold Lehmann and Augusta Pauline Rogash in later years.

John Reynolt Lehman and Martha Hill

John Reynolt Lehman (born Johann Frederick Reynolt Lehmann) was one of the 15 children born to Reinhold and Augusta Lehman born 24th of December 1864 in the district of Nairne, South Australia.  Today a township with a population of around 2,500 people in the Adelaide Hills.  John came to Victoria with his parents and four of his siblings between 1865 and 1867.

(Pictured left - dated 3rd September 1890) John married Martha Hill at the home of the bride's father in Somerton on the 3rd of September 1890.  Martha's father John Stringer Hill owned the Somerton Hotel not far from the Lehman's property and no doubt the families celebrated the marriage afterwards at the nearby Somerton Hotel.

John and Martha had 4 boys John Henry 1891-1956, Percy Albert 1894, Lesley Charles 1896-1973 and Ruperty Clarence.

Martha died in 1910 she was 40 years of age and died of chronic nephritis and heart failure and John died in 1943 aged 78.  Both John and Martha are buried in Fawkner Cemetery but only Martha is inscribed on the tombstone.

John Reynolt Lehman and Martha Hill in later life.

John Henry Lehman

John Henry Lehman was born 8th of June 1891 at Mickleham and farmed at Somerton which suggests that his parents may have been at Mickleham when he was born.  On his probate papers it said 'Late of Camp Road, Campbellfield. 

John married Isobel Glover on the 2nd of July 1928 in Melbourne, Victoria and went on to have 5 children.  Martha Isobel, John Henry, Ellen Jean, Robert Carl were all born in the district apart from Jeffrey Robin who was born at Chelsea, Victoria after the family moved.

John Henry was a farmer, farmed on Sydney Rd and lived in a two storey bluestone house. (the old Royal Mail Hotel building on Sydney Rd at Somerton).  He bred greyhounds during the depression at the Parnel Healy Tracks.  The coursing tracks were at Craigieburn where they held open coursing.

Tragedy struck in 1937 when Martha (pictured left) the eldest child died from burns she received on the 9th of July when he clothing caught fire.  She was dressed in a flannel nightdress in an upstairs bedroom.  Harry Lyster who also lived there heard her screams and beat out the flames.  She was taken to the children's hospital where she died.  At the time of the accident John and Isobel were milking in the cow shed.

The family moved from Sydney Road and left the district after the death of Martha.

Taken at Woodstock old homestead about 1913 or 14.

Left to right:  Allen Nelson, Gavin Nelson, John Lehmann Jnr, Richard Nelson, Les Lehmann, Wilhelmina Lehmann, Jean Pale, Amy Lehmann, John Lehmann, Ron Nelson.

In front:  Edie Ireland, Pauline Lehmann.

Sitting and Laying down: Annie Ireland, Alf Lehmann, Freda McGuire.

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