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A Very Wise Man Once Said

"When doing historical research we often feel as if were holding a Polaroid photo in our hand and it’s as if slowly but surely, the image of past events once again begin to develop before our eyes…." (Keith Graham 2009)

View of Mt. Ridley taken in 1998.  James Malcolm's 'Olrig' homestead in centre. Captain James Pearson's Mt. Ridley Homestead on top in amongst the trees.

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To collect, manage, preserve and promote our local historical assets, both past and present for the community of Craigieburn, Victoria, Australia.

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Where is Craigieburn?

Didn't think Craigieburn had any history?  Have a look at our Information Gallery filled with information and pictures from the past and present history of Craigieburn and surrounding districts. See information on some of the old pioneering families of our district along with much more!




Craigieburn is on the outer fringes of the city of Melbourne, Victoria in the northern suburbs and is located adjacent the Hume Highway 26 km north of Melbourne's city centre and 213 metres above sea-level, estimated population December 2006 was 23, 628.  Craigieburn was an old highway stopover and the name Craigieburn, reflects the Scottish origins of the first European settlers in the area and was probably named after a town in Dumfriesshire, Scotland made famous by Robert Burns.  Craigieburn means 'rocky creek' coming from the Gaelic 'creige' meaning crag, rock of cliff and 'burn' meaning water but generally referring to a creek and was very aptly named. The settlement that developed around this area is now an ever expanding residential area.

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Brochures and Publications

bullet State Library Of Victoria
bullet National Library of Australia
bullet Royal Historical Society of Victoria
bullet Public Records Office of Victoria
bullet Australian Heritage-Links & Resources
bullet National Archives of Australia
bullet Picture Australia
bullet Australian Heritage Council
bullet The National Trust
bullet Hume City Council

Hume Global Village Library

We are at the moment in the process of trying to get a new brochure together giving an idea of the short history of Craigieburn and our Heritage Walk area in Potter Street.

However information from the brochures  A Short History of Craigieburn and from Heritage Walk is now available by clicking on the links above.


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