Michael Heagney

Publican and Farmer of Mickleham

Michael Heagney was a farmer at Mickleham also the publican of the once Mickleham Hotel which stood on the William's property on the corner of Donnybrook Lane and Mickleham Road.  We have no records or pictures of the hotel only a few snippets from the Argus along with the Williams family accounts that the hotel once existed.

Michael Heagney was born in in Limerick, Ireland.  His parents were John Heagney and Margaret Williams.  Michael married Mary Anne Williams pre October 1858.  They had two children a daughter Mary Jane Heagney who consequently married John Henry Williams son of John Charles Williams of Grovelly Forest, Mickleham and a son Michael James Heagney.

Michael is listed as - Michael Heagney...owner of a farm and land at Mickleham in a list of Mickleham rate payers in 1863 and 5 years later in a directory of 1868 as Heagney Michael, Publican.

Michael possibly saw an opportunity when John Charles Williams his brother-in-law put the Mickleham Hotel up for sale in 1863 and went to New Zealand, Michael either leased or purchased the business and property, as in 1863 he was farming and 5 years later he was then publican of the hotel and probably still farming, supplementing his income from the hotel which was not unusual in those times.

In 1867 his children attended the Mickleham School situated then at the old site in Mt. Ridley Rd.  We know this as the Heagney children where given on a list of Mickleham families who's children attended local Schools in 1867.

Dairy and Fat Cattle, Farming Stock, Pet Sheep.

WILLIAM SAWELL has received Instructions from Mr. Michael Heagney to SELL by AUCTION, on the premises, the Mickleham Hotel, Mickleham (seventeen miles from Melbourne, on the Broadmeadows Road), on Tuesday, the 25th June, commencing at eleven o'clock sharp,
70 head of cattle consisting of 25 head of quiet dairy cows, with young calves at foot and springing, 20 heifers, two to three years old, 25 head of steers, fit for the butchers and yoking
45 pet Cotswold Sheep, two and four tooth, now lambing, 6 pet Cotswold rams, two-tooth, 1 sow and five young pigs, 10 head of heavy and light harness horses,  2 bullock-drays, 1 horse-dray, 1 spring-cart, 1 double-seated gig, 1 harness, 4 iron ploughs, 2 sets harrows, 2 chaff cutters, 8 bay-frames, Dairy utensils, kitchen furniture, and a quantity of sundries too numerous to mention.
Terms at sale.
Luncheon Provided.

By 1880 the Mickleham Hotel had closed and in 1884 his daughter Mary Jane Heagney married John Henry Williams son of John Charles Williams of Grovelly Forest, Mickleham.

IN the COUNTY COURT at RUSH WORTH : Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction - In Estate of MICHAEL HEAGNEY, late of Tabilk, Victoria.  Farmer, Deceased Intestate.-Notice is hereby given, that after expiration of fourteen days from publication hereof application will be made at County Court at Rushworth, on twenty first proximo, that ADMINISTRATION to ESTATE of said deceased be granted unto Mary Ann Heagney, widow of said deceased.  Dated this 10th day of August, 1871.

Michael and his family moved to Tabilk, near Shepparton and continued farming until 1871 when Michael died at the age of 42.   After Michael died in 1871 his wife moved back to their property of two hundred acres at Mickleham of which they still owned and continued to live there until she died there in 1872.