The Hatty Family

My Thanks to Craig & Jenny Buerckner and Pamela Ferriman, who generously allowed the group the use of their genealogical information and pictures of the Hatty family on our website.


The lives and families of the Hatty brothers can be followed on the pages below.  Mark and Isabella Hatty of Bushmills, County Antrim in Northern Ireland had 1 son that we know about so far, Alexander Hatty he married Jane McKendry about 1815 in Ireland, their sons were:  Alexander Hatty, John Hatty, James Hatty, Samuel  Hatty, David Hatty and Robert Hatty, all born in Ireland.

The history of the Hatty family is said to be that four Hatty brothers came to Australia, from Northern Ireland commencing with Alexander and John then followed by Samuel and James.  There are entries for a James Hatty aged 22 and Samuel Hatty aged 20 in the May of 1851 in the Registers of Assisted British Immigrants 1839-1871on the James T Foord.  Which by all accounts sailed from Plymouth on December 29, 1850 and arrived in Melbourne on May 2, 1851 but his has to be further investigated.  No trace has been found of Alexander and John as yet on passenger lists or of Alexander and Jane Hatty (nee McKendry).

Alexander Hatty

Alexander Hatty was born 1797 in Country Antrim, Ireland son of Mark and Isabella Hatty.  They came from Bushmills, County Antrim in Northern Ireland which became the main centre for flax and whisky production.  Bushmills is a well known for it's Irish whiskey and not being far away from the famous Giants Causeway.  When Alexander Hatty died on the 22nd June, 1867 his death certificate stated he had been in the Australian Colonies for 15 years which would mean he and his wife Jane came to Australia around 1852.  His death certificate also stated he was married at the age of 18 to Jane McKendry in Ireland.

Alexander and his wife Jane (nee McKendry) farmed at Green Gully, Greenvale.  According to Alexander's death certificate they had 6 surviving children at the time of his death, John aged 40,  Alexander aged 32, James aged 30, Samuel aged 28, David aged 26, Robert aged 24 and another child deceased, age not known.  Alexander senior died at his property at Green Gully on the 22nd June, 1867.

The area Green Gully referred to the general location where the families of Hatty, Mitchie and a couple of other families from Scotland John and Donald McKerchar settled.  Their land fronted what was called in those days Deep Creek Rd and later Greenvale Rd but today we know it as Somerton Rd.

Allotment R of Section 10 along this road was owned by a John Haslet in 1849 and paid 1 per acre for the 314 acres.  The title then passed through the hands of several owners until Alexander and Esther Michie purchased 214 acres of the property in 1863.  The other 100 acres was, by 1863, purchased and owned by a Samuel Hatty which is unclear at this time whether it was Alexander Hatty's son or brother Samuel.

The Hatty property on far left of picture marked with Hatty and S.

The Children of Alexander and Jane Hatty (nee McKendry).

Samuel Hatty of Green Gully.

Samuel Hatty farmed at Green Gully, Greenvale and married Agnes Fellows on the 25th March 1868 at Oaklands, the home of her father, John Fellows.  Samuel is described in the Broadmeadows Rate Books as being the owner of a house and 100 acres at Greenvale in 1863.  Samuel was born in Bushmills, Antrim and Agnes at Rome caven, Antrim.  They had Alexander Samuel 1869, John Fellows 1870, Henry James 1873, Robert Mark 1874 Andrew Boyd 1878, David Blinco 1881.

David and Matilda Hatty of 'Dundonald'

David Hatty was the son of Alexander Hatty and Jane McKendrie (above) and was born in Castlekirk, Antrim, Ireland, we can link these two generations together through Alexander's death certificate which states David was his son and David's marriage certificate stating his father was Alexander and Jane Hatty.  David married Matilda Ewin on 8th of November 1860 in the Presbyterian Church at Broadmeadows.

David Hatty and his wife Matilda had a large family of nine children, 4 boys and 5 daughters,  They farmed at "Dundonald" the property on top of Gellibrand Hill.  These days the homestead has been demolished but by all accounts once was a single storey 16 room, family home, built of timber with a gabled roof, a verandah on the eastern side and stone steps leading up to it from the garden at the front.

David and Matilda Hatty (nee Ewins) on their Golden Wedding 1910 with 'Dundonald' in the background (photo courtesy of Pamela Ferriman)

L to R standing - James, Rose, Emma, Mary Ann, Harriet, Eliza, Samuel.
L to R seated - Alexander, David & Matilda and David.

David and Matilda Hatty leased the property through a firm of Melbourne solicitors acting on behalf of the Kennedy sisters, absentee owners who lived in Scotland and who owned a rather large amount of land around the Broadmeadows district.

The Broadmeadows Rate Books show that the property was leased to several different people from 1879 to 1888 when David and Matilda Hatty and their large family took over leasing the property for many years after this.

David died at "Dundonald" on the 29th of November 1913 aged 76 years and Matilda on 29th of July 1914 aged 74 years both are buried at the Bulla Cemetery.

David and Matilda's son Jim Hatty and his wife Elizabeth continued to farm and raise a family at "Dundonald" and according to "Greenvale a Link With the Past" the eastern side of the hill was covered with crops of wheat, oats and hay and a dairy was run on the farm which supplied cream for butter making

In 1930 the family moved to "Edina" at Mickleham and the Attwood family took over the "Dundonald" property.

James (Jim) Mark Hatty died 30th of December 1938 aged 57years and his wife Elizabeth died 22nd of September 1985 aged 88 both are buried at the Bulla Cemetery.


Alexander McKendry Hatty

Alexander McKendry Hatty was the son of David and Matilda Hatty above.  He was born on April 2nd, 1870 in Greenvale, Victoria.  He died at the age of 88 on February 20th, 1959.  All his daughters were born in Greenvale when Alexander was the manager of The Oakland Hunt Club, which was also called Sherwood.  This property was owned by a Dr. Dickinson and Alexander and his family lived in a house on the property from about 1900 and maybe even back as far as the 1890's.

 A letter which Dr. Dickinson's widow wrote after her husband died to Charlotte Hatty, attests to Alexander's position as a long time trusted employee.  Mrs. Dickinson also talks of her fondness for the little girls Tilly (Matilda Florence Hatty)) and her sister Gladys.

Alexander married Charlotte Lowry (pictured Left) in Coburg, Melbourne on 7 April 1901
.  Charlotte Lowry was the daughter of another early Craigieburn pioneer, Dr. John Hamilton Lowry of Springfield.

  Matilda (Tilly) Florence Hatty (pictured left at the age of 20 months in 1904) was their eldest child. Matilda was born on August 25th, 1902 in Greenvale, Victoria and she died at the age of 81 on February 10th, 1984 in Melbourne, Victoria.

They had two other daughters, Jane Matthew Hatty born on August 10th, 1905 in Greenvale, Victoria and she died at 7 months of age on April 7th, 1906 in Greenvale, Victoria and Gladys Eileen Hatty born on June 30th 1909 in Greenvale and died about 1985.

John Hatty of 'Bush Bank', Mickleham

Meanwhile a John Hatty purchased 632 acres on section XVI at Mickleham and by 1863 both an Alexander and John are noted as rate payers in the Broadmeadows Rate Books and both owning land and houses at Mickleham. 

When John Hatty of Mickleham died in 1900 at Kyabram, Victoria his death certificate stated he was the son of Alexander Hatty and Jane McKendrie, so he would have been the brother of David Hatty of "Dundonald".  John also stated he had been married in Ireland at the age of 20 years to Mary Craig, had been in Australia 60 years and he left 9 children at his death.  John, Alexander, William, Mary, Elizabeth, Ann Jane, Maggie, Sarah and Maria .

On the Mickleham parish Crown Purchases map below the Hattys, Alexander and John are noted as purchasers of no 16 at Mickleham, their property being called 'Bush Bank'.  John served on the Broadmeadows Road Board from 1858 to 1868 and left the district around 1870-73 and died at  Kyabram East,  near Tatura, Victoria on the 10th of April, 1900.

It is believed that John and Alexander Hatty left the district in around 1870 - 73 and selected land in the Parish of Redcastle within the Shire of Waranga.  In a document dated 1870 it states that J. Hatty and A. Hatty were land selectors in the 1870's. In the will of John Fellows the father of Agnes Fellows who married Samuel Hatty, Alexander was executor to the will and was stated as 'Alexander Hatty of Redcastle.

On the 6th of March 1866, Alexander Hatty aged 22 married Ellen Crowe a servant employed at their property in Mickleham named 'Bush Bank' on the 6th of March 1866.  They were married by David Chapman the Presbyterian Minister from the nearby Presbyterian church at Broadmeadows and the marriage certificate states his parents were John Hatty and Mary Craig, so this confirms he was in fact the son of John Hatty.

At the time of marriage Alexander was a farmer at Bush Bank, Mickleham  and gave his birth place as Moonee Ponds in Victoria and Ellen was a servant at the property from Limerick, Ireland.  They consequently had a family of five daughters and three sons, John 1864, Mary 1865, Margaret 1867, Elizabeth 1869, unnamed male in 1870, Alexander 1872, William 1875 and Maria 1879.

On the same day Mary Hatty, was married at Bush Bank at Mickleham to John McNeal.  John was from Antrim, Ireland and Mary was born at Glenroy in Victoria.  John was a carrier at the time and resided at Bush Bank, Mickleham.  There is a  possibility that at the time John McNeal may have known the Hatty brothers from their time in Ireland and had been taken in as some sort of partner with Alexander and John Hatty before of after he married Mary Hatty.  John McNeal was given as as a 'carrier' aged 26 when he married Mary but later as a 'farmer at Bush Bank' in an 1868 directory of Mickleham, we are not sure what the relationship was to the Hattys as yet.

John Hatty married Mary Hergy and had a family of five: three girls and two boys. John was also given as a farmer at Bush Bank. 

On an 1867 map of Mickleham sketched and sent by Robert Langford Sidebottom to the Board of Education.  Alexander and John Hatty are given as residing independently next door to each other and possibly on the same piece of land known as their 'Bush Bank' but yet they are rated independently in the rate books.

Will Will Rook Cemetery tells a sad tale of three Hatty children who died at any early age. An unknown Hatty, farmer's child, was still born at Green Gully in 1869.  A farmer's son, Alexander Hatty died at Broadmeadows aged only 8 weeks old in 1863 and farmer's son, Samuel Hatty, died at Bulla, aged 2 in 1876.


John and Alexander Hatty both farmed at Mickleham and are noted in the 1863 Broadmeadows Rate Books.....

John Hatty...owner of a house and land at Mickleham.

Alexander Hatty...owner of a house and land at Mickleham.

They are also given as:  Hatty A. J. & W. Farmers Bush Bank in a directory of Mickleham in 1868.

John McNeal is gives as in the same directory of Mickleham in 1868:

M'Neal John, Farmer Bush Bank