in 1996 an environmental impact study estimated that less than one per cent of the area's indigenous grassland flora had survived.

In 1996 the Victorian Government made a commitment to acquire the Craigieburn Grassland to be protected and managed as a Flora and Fauna reserve under the National Parks Act.  The State Government purchased the grasslands in 1999 with the assistance of the National Heritage Trust.

The Craigieburn Grassland Conservation Reserve of 340 hectares is just 25 km from Melbourne and is located east of Merri Creek and mainly between O'Herns Rd and Craigieburn East Road, Craigieburn.  Another smaller section of grassland, O'Herns Grassland is located to the south of O'Herns Rd, Craigieburn.

Grasslands are home to unique and rare animals and plants.  A large number of grassland plants and animals are considered to be rare or threatened in Victoria, hence the need for the protection and management of these remaining areas of grasslands.

The Craigieburn Grassland Reserve is now listed on the Register of the National Estate and represents the most significant and largest remaining example of the Western
Plains Basalt Grassland.

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