Peter Foreman and Agnes Jarron

Peter Foreman aged 26 with wife Agnes 24, were from Mussellburgh, Edinburgh in Scotland.  Peter married Agnes Jarron in Mussellburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland on the 6th of May 1839.  They came to Victoria in the October of 1839 just five months after marrying on the David Clark with 227 other Bounty Emigrants and shipping records tell us they were to be employed by a John McNall a butcher who's premises at the time where in Collins Street, Melbourne according to Kerr's Almanac and Directory of Melbourne in 1841.

From notes written as a family memoir by John Burton Grierson.  The ship David Clark left Greenock for Melbourne on June 15th 1839 having 229 Government emigrants on board. The vessel put into Rio De Janeiro on August 15th, and took in fresh water and provisions. After remaining about 10 days she resumed her voyage and arrived at Port Phillip Bay on October 27th 1839.

As the Yarra at that time was unnavigable for a ship the size of the "David Clark", the passengers were landed in boats at Sandridge (now Port Melb), the women being carried ashore by the sailors and men.  Then came a long walk across the tea-tree flats and sand hills over what is now known as Fisherman's Bend, Emerald Hill, (now Sth. Melb.) to the Queens Falls where they crossed the Yarra.  Their chattels were brought on by dray and bullock wagon.

How long the couple were in John McNall's employ is not certain but the three children, two sons and a daughter born to Peter and Agnes Forman in 1841, 1844 and 1847 were all born and registered in Melbourne, which suggests the couple were still in Melbourne and working for John McNall till at least 1847.  Peter seemed to have moved on by at least by 1848 and took over the licence of the Hunters Rest at Mercer's Vale which would have been well used by thirsty travellers struggling along the sometimes dusty, sometimes boggy Hume Highway. 

Wednesday 16 April 1851 - Peter Foreman, Hunters Rest, Mercer's Vale. The chairman said the house was not in a state to authorize the bench in granting a license. The house was well conducted on that head he had not a word to say but the house was not in a fit state to hold a license.

In Publicans of the 19th Century it states that a licence was granted on 18th of April 1848 to Peter Foreman who took over the licence from Charles Bellinger for the Hunters Rest Inn at Mercer's Vale, (Beveridge)  then again the licence was issued in the April of 1849, 1850 and 1851,  This was confirmed by Peter being given on the West Bourke Electoral Roll of June the 6th in 1850 as: Foreman, Peter, Mercer's Vale and having a Dwelling.

1851 seems to be the last year Peter and Agnes were at the Hunters Rest and what the couple did in the following years are a bit sketchy but there are entries for a licence being issued to Peter Foreman at the Elephant and Castle Hotel in Little Bourke Street, Melbourne in 1855, 1856, 1857 and 1860.

It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that Peter at this stage after leaving the Elephant and Castle Hotel in Little Bourke Street, Melbourne then moved on and took over the licence of the Royal Mail Hotel at Somerton sometime after 1860.   In 1860 tragedy struck when there daughter Anne died at the age of 13 on the 27th of May, 1860 the death is registered in Melbourne, on Anne's death certificate her father Peter is given as a Licensed Victualler and their address was given as 119 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne. 

In 1864 Peter and his wife Agnes took over the Royal Mail Hotel in Sydney Road, Somerton and at the annual licensing sessions Peter Foreman was granted a license and was given as the owner and occupier at that time.

Monday 20 April 1868 For Sale the Royal Mail Hotel at Sydney Rd, Somerton. Proprietor leaving through illness and title guaranteed. For particulars apply to A. Barnard, Bourke Street.

Peter died on the 16th of January 1869 of the atrophy and diarrhea at Somerton of which he had for 7 days.  Agnes sold the Royal Mail Hotel in 1869 and retired to Essendon where she died at the age of 79 in 1899 both are buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery.

The Argus, Wednesday 1 December 1869

Royal Horse Bazaar.
To Speculators, Hotel-keepers, and Others.
For Positive Sale.
M'CULLOCH, CAMPBELL, and Co. have received
Instructions from Mrs. Peter Foreman to SELL
by AUCTION, at the Royal Horse Bazaar, on Thursday,
December 2, at twelve o'clock,
The above well-known hotel, now in good order,
with every convenience for a roadside trade,
and doing a good paying business. With the
hotel will be sold 26 acres of first class land,
fenced, and under crop.
The property is for positive and unreserved sale, In
consequence of Mrs. Foreman's early departure for England.

The couple had three children at the time of Peter's death, John 27, George 24 and Anne who was deceased.

Foreman on the 16th instant at his residence The Royal Mail Hotel, Somerton, Sydney Rd, Mr. Peter Foreman an old colonist, much respected by his circle of friends. January 1869.

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