Craigieburn Park

"When we went to Craigie to live there were flocks of galahs, crows and various types of small birds such as the Robin Red Breast now long gone along with the magnificent gum trees"  Recollections of  Myrtle Olive Cook (nee Seymour)

We would like to thank Christine Laskowski for generously donating these family details, the recollections by Myrtle Olive Cook (nee Seymour) and photos & drawings on this site.  Christine is the Great Great  Granddaughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Seymour.

Thomas Weller Seymour married Elizabeth Sudney Gay.  Thomas Seymour took his new bride back to his property 'Goorabonga' at Upper Gundowring in the Kiewa Valley.  From 'Goorabonga' the family moved to Coburg.  From Coburg the family moved again to St. Kilda where they rented a two-storey residence either in Fitzroy or Barkly St.  From there the family moved to to a home just off Waterdale Road in Heidelberg c1900 before purchasing the property 'Craigieburn Park' on the old Hume Highway.

Craigieburn Park was situated just past the 14 mile post on the Hume Highway, Craigieburn.  It was owned by Thomas and Elizabeth Seymour.  The only marker to it's existence is a railway signal box which once stood behind the house.  The house and the big shed were in line with the tall railway signal and at the time a brackish creek ran through the property. The house was built by Mr. Hewitt Henderson and after the Seymour family moved to Highlett Lodge it was rented out.

Thomas Weller Seymour purchased the land later to be called Craigieburn Park by his wife Elizabeth from Mr. Hewitt Henderson who built this and several other houses around Craigieburn.  Mr. Henderson was the father of Lexie Henderson, T.W Seymour's son-in-law.  The family moved to the Craigieburn property somewhere around 1905, the exact date is not known.

The property was about 640 acres and the Sydney to Melbourne road was it's front fence.  The farm ran from the Craigieburn Railway Station down to the lower paddock where the fence divided Somerton from Craigieburn and where the Reserve Bank Note Printing building now stands.

The exact date of the property auction is not known but thought of as somewhere in the vicinity of December the 11th, 1933  as that being the year, Thomas W. Seymour died.  The property was noted as "the estate of the late Thomas W. Seymour".  It was described as "a well-improved dairy farm situated right on the railway station 15 miles from Melbourne containing approximately 250 acres subdivided into several paddocks watered principally by dams and springs"

The improvements consisted of a brick homestead of 8 rooms, large underground tank, milking shed, yards and all necessary outbuildings.  The property was especially well suited having a frontage to the Hume Highway only 15 miles from Melbourne and was especially suited to the production of milk.

The two building lots adjoining the Mechanics Institute were also offered for sale.

After Elizabeth Seymour died in 1924, Thomas remained at his home in Highlett Lodge where his latter years he was nursed by his daughter Myrtle.  He passed away in 1933 at the age of 86 years.

Wedding Photo of Lex Henderson to Renee Seymour 1925

Left to Right:  Elizabeth Sudney Seymour, ? , Myrtle Olive Seymour (seated), Lex Henderson,  Renee Seymour, Thomas Weller Seymour.

Family Tree of Thomas Weller Seymour

Thomas Weller Seymour son of Thomas Weller alias George Weller Seymour and Catherine Elizabeth Johnston ( Irish convict per 'Margaret' to NSW 1840).  Occupation: Grazier.  Born: 19.2.1847 Kirkham, NSW. Died 29.06.1933 of old age at Highett aged 86 years and buried in the Cheltenham Cemetary.

Married 13.12.1876 at Yackandandah, Victoria to Elizabeth Sudney Gay daughter of Samuel Palmer Gay and Mary Ann McIntosh.  Born 6.09.1858 at Yackandandah, Victoria and died 16.07.1924 at Murphy Street, South Yarra, Victoria aged 65 years of cancer and is buried at the Cheltenham Cemetary.

Issue:  Lily Alberta b: 1878  Yackandandah, Isabella Cecelia b: 1879 Yackandandah, Alice Lavinia b: 1881  Yackandandah, Flora Mary b: 1883  Yackandandah, Florence Ethel b: Kiewa, Thomas Weller b: Kergunyah, Palmer Frances b: Dederang, Winifred May b: 1891 Dederang,  Albert Gay b: 1893 Dederang,  Hilda Vera b: Dederang,  Ruby Irene b: Yackandandah,  Myrtle Olive b: 1900 Yackandandah.

Today nothing remains of the old homestead or Craigieburn Park just a railway signal box which once stood behind the house as a marker and the memories and pictures presented on this page.

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