The Brodie Family

Above: "Dunhelen" courtesy of State Library of Vic.

George Sinclair Brodie came to Port Phillip with Fawkner’s party in the May of 1836 from Van Dieman’s Land with sheep and squatted at Bulla.  Also in the same party was George Evens who settled at Emu Bottom, near Sunbury.  Land in the name of G. S. Brodie and R. Brodie, covering more than 2,000 acres was purchased from the Crown in 1848. George Sinclair Brodie held section 12, around 600 acres, conveyed to him by Richard Brodie in 1850 and held until 1866.

The consideration for sale at that time, 27,832 pounds, suggests that the house “Dun Helen” had been built at sometime after 1850 when the value was about 2,500 pounds. It seems that section 13 was also sold in 1866 as John Edols purchased a total of 1,390 acres for the amount of 27,832 pounds.

It appears as though it was in fact Brodie who built the Mansion, although no records are to be found confirming this and it has been suggested that it was John Edols and his brother, George who had the Mansion built to accommodate the families.  Ken Webster has had a historian research the matter, however, nothing conclusive has resulted.

A number of owners held that property from 1884, including: J. S. Hosie, F. B. Hann, Bennet, Ogden (1885), J. Walton and many others.

The Bluestone Barn (pictured below) has been classified by the National Trust and the house recorded. The Barn was badly damaged by fire during the time the Webster’s held the Property, but was restored by the family. Three generations of Webster’s lived at “Dun Helen” from 1831 to 1881.

Photo courtesy of the State Library of Victoria

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