No. 7 Walter Street, Craigieburn


The beautiful old home at 7 Walter Street, Craigieburn stood not far from Sydney Rd and the Craigieburn Station and was built around the turn of the century.  Today a block of units occupies no 7 Walter Street.  It faced east into Walter Street and along with nice trees was set back about 30 to 40 metres in the middle of the block with a gravel driveway alongside, directly opposite the car repair place and the paint shop.  The old home was
auctioned off in November of 1999 and relocated to Echuca, Victoria.

The old home had a very varied an interesting life in the years since it was built, sometime at the turn of the century, with owners including the now infamous The Australasian Farmers Centre Draft Harvester Company (of 'the Wall' fame), William Duncan McCallum (Blairgowrie & one time owner of the old Craigieburn Inn site), Lois Cadby, Annie Maud McCallum (wife of WD McCallum), David Scott Aitken and in more recent times John Murray Cox of racing fame, the Tidy family long term residents of Craigieburn, the Higgins and Barlings and lastly the Kernan family who were also long term residents of Craigieburn.

It has been claimed the old home was built by the The Australasian Farmers Centre Draft Harvester Company as a part of their grandiose plan to build a town for the workers of the company, although a certificate of title dated 1905 gives William Duncan McCallum of Blairgowrie, Craigieburn, farmer and grazier as the proprietor of the estate of 13 acres 3 roods and twenty perches being on Crown section 16.

Property Sales

Argus (Melbourne, Vic.)  May 1921

McPhall, Anderson and Co report selling at a clearing sale in Craigieburn, last Thursday the estate of W D McCallum of Craigieburn, house property the Bungalow on 13 acres 3 roods and 20 perches of land adjoining the Craigieburn Station to Mr. L. Cadby, for the sum of 1,325 also the small triangle block opposite consisting of 1 acre 3 roods ? perches.  The splendid …… of 130 acres with good residence abutting on Craigieburn Station also the ….. block on the Sixteen Mile Lane were unsold? and available for private sale…rest unreadable.

Some of the uses of the building have been in past times, a retreat and leased out on a casual basis as holiday house, The Australasian Farmers Centre Draft Harvester Company owned the home for a short time and applied to have a liquor license on the premises and run it as a hotel but was refused, a private home for Annie Maud McCallum (wife of WD McCallum). 

In the 1950's the Cox family owned the property, also became a home for the Tidy family who were known to have a menagerie of odd animals in the yard, including Kangaroos and goats and lastly the Kernan family who purchased the house as a home in the early 70's with a view to moving there once their farm was sold and moved into the house but the noise from Sydney Rd was too much and they relocated to Craigieburn proper.  It was then leased out to a Medical Centre and then later to a Pentecostal Church group for quite a time.

It was used in more recent times as the Craigieburn Community Health Centre till it was put up for auction, sold and relocated to Echuca in the November of 1999.

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